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Kols Camsas Cleaning is a professional cleaning business based in Launceston. With over 50 years of experience, we offer specialist cleaning services across corporate, industrial and residential sectors.

Office Cleaning

Kols Camsas Cleaning ensures that their dedicated team of commercial Office Cleaners provide a consistent, fresh, hygienic, and clean workplace that meets high environmental standards. Please read more about how we can be of service to you for all your Office Cleaning requirements.

Commercial Cleaning

Kols Camsas Cleaning provides all the services required to clean your commercial premises and maintain a high standard all year round. We have staff who are certified to work at heights to tackle the big jobs. All our staff are security checked and we are fully insured to ensure we provide the most secure and reliable service for you.

House Cleaning

Kols Camsas Cleaning and its professional House Cleaners take pride in maintaining your home to a healthy clean standard. Whether it is a regular house clean, end of lease/tenancy cleaning, Air BnB cleaning, or presale of your home, Kols Camsas Cleaning will clean every corner of your space to perfection.

Carpet Cleaning

Out Carpet Cleaning department offers a total care package that includes cleaning, sanitising and deodorising, to protect your carpets, rugs and upholstery. Kols Camsas Cleaning offers the best steam cleaning service in Launceston! Please read more about our professional Carpet Cleaning services.

Window Cleaning

Kols Camsas Cleaning provides efficient professional Window Cleaning services that will banish streaks and smudges, leaving your windows crystal clear and utterly transparent. We will remove every speck of dust and grime, ensuring that your view is unobstructed and your space is flooded with natural light.

Tile & Grout Cleaning

Kols Camsas Cleaning is the company to turn to for all your specialised Tile and Grout Cleaning. We provide a fully trained and accredited team of Tile and Grout Cleaners to ensure that we deliver the absolute best results possible. Please read more to see how Kols Camsas Cleaning can be of service to you.

Pressure Washing

We offer expert Pressure Cleaning and Washing services that will immediately improve and enhance the appearance of your workplace or home's exterior. Please read more to determine how Kols Camsas Cleaning can be of service to you for all your Pressure Washing requirements.

Test & Tagging

Our Test and Tagging technicians are well-trained in electrical safety. They are constantly updated about Australian regulations, to ensure that your premises are secure and compliant with all electrical appliance testing. Learn how Kols Camsas Cleaning can help you meet your legal obligations.

End of Lease Cleaning

We provide a quality cleaning service to ensure your best asset is well maintained between tenancies or to just take some of the hard work out of moving. We are a one-stop-shop for all End-of-Lease cleaning services including carpet cleaning, window cleaning, general cleaning and rubbish removal.

Kols Camsas Cleaning is a well-established commercial and domestic cleaning company in Tasmania. We provide a wide range of specialist cleaning, property maintenance and facility services, that will keep your surroundings looking immaculate and sanitised.

Our staff comprises the best cleaners in Launceston! Every cleaner is specially trained to meet our high-quality cleaning standards. We have also invested in the finest equipment and pro-grade cleaning products to ensure top results.

Our goal is to deliver exceptional service to clients reliably, efficiently, and professionally. Put simply, we keep workplaces and homes clean and fresh so that the occupants can excel and flourish at what they do. And you have peace of mind knowing that your premises are hygienic and safe.

What Clients Say About Our Cleaning Services

We have used Kols Camsas Cleaning as a service provider to our business, Bushby Property Group for many years.

Their team is professional, trustworthy and thorough, in fact, all of the requirements needed in a cleaning company.

Would recommend it to any business in need of a reputable cleaner.

We made the switch to Kols Camsas Cleaning recently and have been thrilled with the excellent service that we have received.

We have been impressed by the level of cleanliness throughout the office since they’ve taken over and the attention to detail has been exceptional. Kols Camsas Cleaning also provide a monthly inspection report as part of their service, which is a great value add as it ensures nothing is ever missed!

Tom Harrison | Director

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