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When you need your floor cleaned, no cleaning company does it better than Kols Camsas Cleaning! Our tile and grout cleaning services in Launceston are carried out by accredited professionals who know how to make your tiles look new again. An intensive clean will transform your tiled spaces, leaving your floors and even the walls sparkling.

Our high-pressure cleaning system targets dirt that is trapped within the grout joints, as well as grime that collects on textured tile surfaces. This is far more efficient than traditional methods such as mopping and scrubbing, which can be time-consuming, ineffective and frustrating.


Which Rooms Can Be Cleaned?

Whether the floor or wall tiles are made of ceramic or stone, you will benefit from our intensive tile cleaning methods. We clean all tiled areas such as bathrooms, toilets, the laundry, kitchen, living area, outdoor patio and a paved driveway.

The Tile Cleaning Process

1. Our technicians will first inspect the area to determine the type of tile surface and grout used. They will check if any coating has been previously applied.

2. A cleaning agent will be applied to the surface. Then it will be agitated using a steam rotary tool with dual rotating jets.

3. The surface will be rinsed using a high-pressure hot water cleaning and extraction machine.

4. Finally, the surface will be dried with air movers and towels, so that the area can be used immediately after.

Regardless of the age of your tiles and grout, we at Kols Camsas Cleaning can restore them!

Tile and Grout Sealing

The sealing of grout and porous tiles (such as terracotta, marble, polished porcelain, granite, travertine, limestone and sandstone) is necessary to protect from premature decay and contamination

A seal increases the reaction time to accidental spills – an unsealed floor can stain immediately, whereas a sealed floor is stain-resistant with a reaction time of up to 5 hours.

A sealer sits just below the surface of the tile which prevents spills from penetrating further and staining the tile. But it will not prevent acid-based spills (e.g. red wine, vinegar, urine, fruit juice etc.) from etching and burning the surface of the tile. This will cause a dull or frosty appearance. Spills of this nature should be cleaned immediately to prevent permanent damage to the tile surface.

Kols Camsas Cleaning strongly recommends that any newly laid porous tiles be sealed immediately so the area gains the maximum benefit of protection. However, even old tiles and grout can be cleaned and then resealed to give them a new lease on life!

Top Rated Commercial Floor Cleaning Products

Kols Camsas Cleaning uses only premium sealers from leading industry suppliers. The technician who carries out your tile sealing will be able to offer maintenance advice specific to your type of tiles.

As a general rule, we recommend the use of a mild floor cleaner (such as Spirit Neutral Cleaner) at least weekly, to maintain your tiled floors. Porcelain and ceramic tiles with a textured surface will benefit from the use of a doodlebug rather than a mop for a more effective clean. Avoid the use of harsh chemicals that will decrease the life expectancy of the sealers. Also, when mopping, change the water frequently to limit the spread of dirt over your tiles.

Tile & Grout Cleaning Around Launceston

Kols Camsas Cleaning is based in Invermay, about 3km away from Launceston. Our floor cleaning contractors service all of Launceston as well as the surrounding suburbs such as Cressy, Longford, Westbury, Perth, Campbeltown, Deloraine, George Town and Exeter.

Please don’t neglect your tiles so they become dirty, dusty and mouldy – this creates a breeding ground for bacteria. A professional tile clean will give you peace of mind knowing you have eliminated the health risks. We recommend regular maintenance that can be carried out in conjunction with our office cleaning and home cleaning services.