Employment Opportunities

Staff are required to clean as per specifications for each individual premises. Kols Camsas management performs regular cleaning inspections and provides reports to the staff member responsible for each particular clean.

To ensure we continue to provide superior service, staff are requested to read these reports and adhere to the recommendations and requirements on each report.


Staff are required to have their own transport.

Police Check

All staff are required to provide Kols Camsas with a National Police Check.


As staff are responsible for the secure lock-up of premises, they must ensure they are aware of the code and keys required for each premises. The keys are to be kept in a secure place when you are not at work and always be on your person when you are at work. The code is to be kept confidential and secure, not to be written on the key tag or in your phone or anywhere that can be accessed by another person.

Also as several of our premises have confidential paperwork lying around offices, it is a requirement that all staff do not read or relay any information from any of this paperwork to any other individual, company, business or any other entity.


Kols Camsas will provide adequate uniform tops. It is a requirement to wear these while working and to keep them laundered and freshly cleaned before each shift. Staff are requested to wear neat, clean pants. Shorts are ok for the warmer weather. Long sleeve, fitted tops under your shirt or polo in the cooler months is fine (for safety no loose long-sleeved tops are to be worn). Staff must wear enclosed non-slip shoes, no sandals or court shoes are to be worn. No hats are to be worn unless it is a safety requirement.

Kols Camsas will supply safety boots and other safety gear when it is required. When Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is required as per assigned premises these must be worn.


Kols Camsas management will provide adequate training to all staff to ensure they are familiar and competent with all cleaning specifications and standards required.

Equipment & Cleaning Products

Kols Camsas supplies all equipment and cleaning products for each clean to ensure you have the correct tools to clean effectively, safely and efficiently. All equipment is tested & tagged and maintained as per legislation.

Workplace Health & Safety

All training is provided as to correct manual handling techniques and the correct fitting and use of all equipment. All staff are required to adhere to the safe use of this equipment. Staff are to report any incidents or accidents immediately to Kols Camsas management. Staff are required to immediately report any potential workplace hazards to Kols Camsas management.