Pressure Washing Launceston

Expert Water Blasting Services to Remove Built-up Dirt

Pressure washing is the blasting of water at a very high pressure to remove deeply embedded dirt. This high-pressure cleaning is best suited outdoors on hard surface areas such as driveways, concrete flooring, outdoor furniture, roof tiles, fences and timber decks.

Over time, dirt, grime, mould and grit accumulate on the surfaces which get so ingrained, that they do not wash away with the rain. This not only dulls the appearance and looks dirty, but can also be damaging.

With pressure washing, a jet of water at 2,000-3,000 PSI will penetrate deep to flush out the dirt particles. However, care must be taken to set an appropriate pressure. Too high pressure could destroy your property, while too low pressure would not be as effective.

At Kols Camsas Cleaning, we have the technical knowledge to know how best to clean, at an optimal water pressure. Depending on the material and amount of dirt buildup, we may recommend power washing instead. Our power washing services include heated water in conjunction with pressure washing.

Professional Floor Cleaning

Kols Camsas Cleaning specialises in maintaining hard surfaces in commercial, industrial and residential settings. Our expertise gained from years of experience, combined with using high-powered equipment, will deliver the cleanest result.

Whether your floor is of tile, concrete, stone, or wood, we know how to clean it. We recommend regular maintenance that includes Pressure Washing, Buffing, Floor Stripping, and Sealing. This is not only good for the floor’s appearance, but also for its protection and longevity.

Our Pressure Washing services can even be applied indoors. Please view our page about Tile and Grout Cleaning for more information.

Deck Cleaning Service

A timber deck like all timber surfaces, needs to be regularly maintained. If left neglected, a wooden deck will turn grey, as it deteriorates due to ultraviolet light, dirt and mould. In addition, the harsh Australian sun can cause the wood to dry, and then splinter. And so this will roughen the surface, in which more grime and mould will accumulate.

To protect your investment, we recommend our all-inclusive deck cleaning service. Kols Camsas Cleaning will turbo-pressure wash your deck to remove all dirt embedded within the wood grain. We will then apply a professional-grade stain (your colour choice) to bring your deck back to life. Finally, a special sealant will be applied to block dirt from gathering. This sealant will also help shield against weather effects. With Kols Camsas Cleaning, you are assured of a well-maintained deck that will provide years of enjoyment ahead.

Pressure Washing Around Launceston

Kols Camsas Cleaning is located in Invermay, just 5 minutes away from the centre of Launceston. We offer Pressure Washing services within and around Launceston, including Longford, Campbeltown, George Town, Perth, Westbury, Exeter, Deloraine and Cressy.