Test & Tagging Launceston

We inspect all electrical appliances at your site

At Kols Camsas Cleaning, not only do we keep your premises clean, but we ensure your safety as well! If you are located around Launceston, we can provide a complete Test and Tagging service at your premises. We have a fully accredited team who undergo regular training, so that they are abreast of the latest compliance requirements.

Why Test and Tag Appliances?

In Tasmania, appliance test and tagging is a requirement that is specified within AS/NZS 3760-2010 standards. In the workplace, the employer is liable for accidents caused by defective equipment that has not been recently inspected. The frequency of compulsory testing varies. Specifically, it depends on the environment in which the electrical appliances are used.

Apart from regulatory compliance, we recommend servicing and inspecting electrical equipment to ensure safety. For example, a short circuit could cause a fire that damages your property. Consequently, there is a threat to human life as well. Even if you purchase new tools, it is essential to verify them. A fault may not be apparent, but can gradually build up internally. Therefore, all electrical devices such as computers, photocopiers, refrigerators, toasters, saws and drills must be assessed.

With Kols Camsas Cleaning, you will have peace of mind, knowing that the tags attached to your equipment are warranted after meticulous testing. We issue a compliance certificate that is recognised by Workplace Standards Tasmania. This certificate confirms that the devices are safe for use.

Test & Tagging around Launceston

Kols Camsas Cleaning operates from Invermay, which is just 3km away from Launceston. We service all of Launceston and surrounding areas. We also provide express Test and Tag services in Exeter, Perth, Deloraine, Cressy, Westbury, George Town, Longford and Campbeltown. Our test and tag service people are police checked and are OH&S compliant.