Terms & Conditions

We believe that a good working relationship is essential to the successful delivery of any service. We have put in place a relationship management methodology for the mutual benefit of both parties. This relationship is based on the following:

  • Regular site audits
  • Open book communication policy
  • Being open to suggestions and feedback
  • Being sensitive to our client’s social, financial, and other needs
  • A strong emphasis on building and maintaining relationships at all levels.

We train and encourage staff on the floor to build a rapport with people that they see every day. Small gestures such as a smile or a “Hello” to client staff can make a big difference at an operational level.

In any contract, we deem the importance of clear and concise communications between us and the contracting party as being vital to the success of the contract.

Our goal is to provide the services in a timely manner.

Demonstrated experience implementing innovative solutions

Through the implementation of best-practice quality management systems in monitoring and controlling the environmental impacts of waste management and recycling, noise pollution, greenhouse emissions, energy consumption and stormwater drainage, we intend to contribute to a safe, cleaner, and more pleasant environment for all working in and visiting the client’s site.

We provide a total cleaning solution to our customers using equipment and products that combined with our trained staff, provide effective and efficient results.

Workplace Health & Safety Policy

Kols and Camsas Cleaning Contractors have a detailed WH&S Management System (SMS) that relates to all officers, workers and worksites of the business and any other sites under control by PCBU, along with any project involving other PCBU’s, Officers and Workers.

With the client’s consent we may provide additional services on an as-needed or ad hoc basis. Examples of additional services include:

  • Carpet Steam Cleaning
  • High-Pressure Cleaning
  • Test and Tagging
  • Window Cleaning

Contractor Acknowledgment

As a business we have developed a strong privacy culture, providing full training and inductions to all staff to ensure security safeguards are in place for all clients and their intellectual property.

We agree to keep in the strictest confidence all sensitive or personal information that we may be exposed to whilst carrying out our contracted cleaning services.

We agree to protect and preserve the confidential nature of any sensitive or personal information that we may be exposed to.


Pricing is to be reviewed on the anniversary of an agreement, every 12 months.

Prices for cleaning are fixed until 30 June yearly. Following this, they will be subject to a “rise and fall” equal to any percentage variation in the wage or superannuation as detailed in the Cleaning Services Award 2010.

All necessary cleaning equipment, chemicals, and materials are included. Employees are covered for Workers Compensation and are supplied with their own uniforms.

All employees are security checked and requested to supply us with a National Police Check prior to commencing employment. We carry Public Risk Insurance, which is limited to $20 million.

Additional Charges

  • All Consumables shall be provided at cost price plus 20% handling.

Payment terms

Monthly invoices will be sent out at the end of each calendar month. Trading terms are 30 days unless otherwise agreed.

Interest will be charged on any overdue accounts at the rate of 10% pa.